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Dead Phone? It’s No Problem You Can Charge It In Just 1 Second

A team from the University of Illinois researchers led by William P. King recently announced a revolutionary breakthrough in the way consumer-electronics and vehicles are powered. The team has developed 3-D-electrodes that allow it to build “microbatteries” many orders smaller than commercially available equivalents.
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$500 Billion Needed To Build US Smart Grid By 2030, Benefits Estimated At $2 trillion
Architecture by Robots, Revolutionary Design And Unprecedented Efficiency
Exploring DNA of World’s Most Innovative Companies

How Carbon Capture Technology Is Turning CO2 Into Cash

Today there are over 50,000 active coal plants in the world, and by 2030 fossil fuels will still account for 85% of the global energy market. Fossil fuel-based power plants are no more than 50% efficient; half the power is delivered as a service to consumers and the other half is released into the environment as heat. The emission of flue gas exhaustion produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxide which react in the atmosphere creating toxic rain.
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Siemens $1.6 Billion Contract To Deliver 1,140 New Carriages To The British Rail Network
The Connected Car: 45 Billion Hours A Year Spent On The Road In The USA Alone
Nanowires At 1/10000 The Size Of Human Hair Break Solar Cell Efficiency Limits
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