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Imagine Traveling To Any Destination On The Planet In A Few Hours, Sabre Rocket Engine Can

Imagine taking off from a runway like a normal aeroplane but flying so high and so fast that when you unclip your seatbelt, you float around the cabin. Look out of the windows: on one side is the inky blackness of deep space, while on the other is the electric blue of your home planet, Earth.
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Microdrones Are Helping Us See The World Like Never Before
Nanoscale 3D Printers Able To Print Thinner Than A Hair
$439 Million Dollar Tunnel Project To Fix The Devil’s Slide

What Will The Job Market Look Like In 2045 When Machines Do All The Work?

In a recent IEEE Techwise interview between Moshe Vardi, Professor of Computer Science at Rice University and interviewer Stephen Cherry, the future of human work in light of advancing robotic technology was discussed. The question: will humans have to compete with machines for jobs in the future?
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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System Performing Over 250,000 Surgeries A Year
The World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat
Engineering History: How Vikings Made Ships
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