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Robobees: Building an Autonomous Colony of Flying Microbots

Roboticists have long used insects, fish and small animals as ideal models for building small robots leading to innovations in areas including entomology, computing and electrical engineering. The Harvard Robobee Project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). In an article in scientific American in March 2013 the project’s members discuss the complexity of building and controlling tiny robots.
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Test Tube Meat Inevitable Due To Unsustainable Rise In Protein Consumption
Massive Energy Skyscrapers On U.S Mexico Border to Pump Out 500 MWs to Electric Grid
Solar Energy Cost Has Dropped 1,000%, Alternative Now Mainstream

Watch A Russian Proton-M Rocket Explode After Flying Wildly Out Of Control

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan a Proton-M rocket with DM-03 upper stage, carrying three Russian Glonass-M navigation satellites went out of control, exploded and crashed at 8:38 AM local time, July 2 2013.
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How They Built Fort Knox Gold Bullion Depository
Creative Engineering Underlies Fastest Bicycles In the World
How Do Fireworks Work? Emblazoning Skies With Artistry, Brilliance And Chemistry
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