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China Set To Construct World’s Tallest Building

Plans are underway in China to build the world’s tallest building, according to the Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building who have received official approval to commence building. The company, which is a subsidiary of the Broad Group, promises to complete the ambitious 220 story building before the end of 2013, a noticeably daring challenge to undertake considering how it often takes years for such developments.
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Tesla Supercharging Stations Will Allow Cross Country Electric-Only Journeys
Apple Operating 100% On Clean Energy At Their Data Centers
Robotics Revolution In Full Swing: A Sampling of Over 200 Startups

$2 Billion, 39-Meter Telescope To Unlock Universe’s Biggest Secrets

Over the past several decades astronomy has revolutionized human knowledge of the universe, identified some of its key contents and provided insight into the nature of existence. The new age of astronomy will be filled with huge discoveries that will be based on advances in material sciences, computing, engineering and optics.
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E-Waste: The Electronic Age Has A Dark Side! Is Refurbished Electronics The Answer?
CAT Creates Technology To Detect If Drivers Are Fatigued Or Sleeping
Watch A Glacier Melting, The Two Mile Thick, Mexico Sized “Columbia Glacier”
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