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New Heart, Liver or Kidney in under 2 hours: Bioprinting

By now nearly everyone has heard about “normal” 3-D printers, but 3D Bioprinters? It is seldom that one product, in and of itself, says so much about where technology and humans are headed in the future. Bioprinting technology will allow doctors and scientists to print synthetic tissue and entire human organs. This will undoubtedly be a medical revolution with all kinds of ethical issues swirling around it.
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MeCam: Nano-Drone Follows You and Takes Photos

Always Innovating is pleased to announce the MeCam, a revolutionary new product. The MeCam is a self video nano copter to point-and-shoot yourself. MeCam videos can be uploaded to Social platforms such as Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. Today people capture and share their photos and videos using archaic methods and with mixed results. The MeCam launches from the palm of a hand and hovers instantly.
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