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Oculus Rift Is The Virtual Reality Headset Gaming Has Been Waiting For

Oculus Rift, a product of Oculus VR Inc. (OR), is a headset that fully immerses a player into a game; the platform also has a “Head Tracking Kit” allowing developers to write software for the “field of vision” (FOV) “virtual reality” (VR) head mounted display (HMD).
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With More Than 4 Billion Years Experience, Is Nature The Best Engineer?
Big Ben And The London Eye’s New Rival, 35 Story ArcelorMittal Orbit Sculpture
Biomedical Engineering Is Revolutionizing Medicine

Planet IQ Can Improve Environmental Disaster Predictions, Saving Millions

MIT professor of atmospheric science, Emanuel describes the US weather data collecting system as hopelessly out of date and behind the times so that scientists and engineers are at a disadvantage from too little information vis a vis their European counterparts.
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Swarm Robotics Mimicking Human Behavior
NASA’s $1.5 million Unmanned Aircraft Competition: Can You Make The Skies Safer?
The World’s Fastest And Tallest Roller Coasters
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