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Tidal Power Generation Picking Up, $500 Million Worldwide Market By 2015 (Video)

Interaction between the Earth and Moon, two huge masses that create gravitational forces, account for the Earth’s “tidal system” and is the basis for human attempts to harness the kinetic energy generated by tides and currents. All over the world tidal generation is expanding and the first US tidal energy project...
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5 Steps To Isolate Your Own DNA
Removing Billions Of Vehicle Miles With Cost-Effective Electric Monorails
NASA Contractor GGB Develops Innovative Two-Piece Double-Flanged Bearings

One Trillion Sensors Embedded in Humans and Machines by 2020

According to scientists, humanity has begun its next major shift: we are now entering the “Hybrid Age”. Across the entire range of scientific and technological disciplines changes are occurring that were unimaginable a few decades ago.
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The World’s Largest Floating Airport, Tokyo Bay’s Megafloat
$1 Billion In Digital Currency, Is Bitcoin Electronic Gold?
Three Gorges Dam Utopian Vision More Like An Ecological Catastrophe
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