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Watch A Laser Blast Through 100 Balloons (Video)

100 black balloons vs. Blu-ray laser! It is all over in under 8 seconds. The sound they make as they pop is a bit mesmerizing! Note: The laser used in this video is custom made from a flashlight body and the laser diode from a 12X speed Blu-ray burner drive and not purchased in a store or online.
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Retractable Roof Stadiums: Fans Love Them But At What Cost?
New Light Bulb Cuts Energy Usage In Half, Doubles Light Output
World’s Smallest Flying Robot Weighs Less Than A Tenth Of A Paper Clip

Oslo Running Out Of Trash, How Much Is Yours Worth?

Oslo, Norway is a city of 1.4 million people that finds itself in the enviable position of having to import garbage. In fact half of Oslo’s residents need a steady supply of garbage in order to power appliances and heat their homes.
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Boenig 747 Falls From The Sky, Killing Seven (Video)
Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Work In Style
Solar Impulse Plane Takes Another Step Toward Crossing USA – Slide Show
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