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The $300 House: Not Charity, Innovation!

Some believe home ownership is a key to a feeling of personal security. In the developed world housing prices and the financing of home loans seem to be increasingly beyond the means of many despite historically low interest rates...
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Surgical Snake Robots: Accessing Organs and Tissues Deep in the Body
PlayStation & Xbox Consoles Enhancing High-Performance Military Computer Simulations
Haskel’s “No-Hassle” Liquid Pump Selector Saves Time and Money

Largest Power Generating Hydroelectric Dams in the World

According to IEEE Spectrum energy from water makes up about one-fifth of the world’s electricity or about 900 gigawatts; the trend will continue due to a large number of powerful rivers and hydro’s low cost vis-a-vis other sources of renewable energy. The United States recently stated it is interested in utilizing the huge untapped potential of hydroelectric energy within its borders.
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Epic Engineering Failures Can Lead to Massive Loss of Life
In Depth: Industrial Internet Will Add $15 Trillion to Global GDP by 2030
Australian High-Speed Rail to Cost $118 billion, Will Take Decades to Complete
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