New Sport of River Surfing is All the Rage, Spawning New Inland “Surf Towns”

By: | October 21st, 2015

River Surfing

River Surfing (Image Courtesy

Many have seen wave-making technology on cruise ships or at adventure parks that allow surfers to continuously ride waves. But while this is exciting for some, other more adventurous souls are spending time on surfboards “river surfing,” a new sport with more than its share of excitement and danger.

From Montana in the United States and Munich, Germany to Nagano, Japan and Thun, Switzerland, the new global sport of “river surfing” is taking off and “river surfers” are enjoying a thrill that comes with a continuous rush of thousands of cubic feet of water per second rushing through a natural environment. New “surf towns” are showing up around the globe, many hundreds, even thousands of miles from an ocean. At the same time, new surf shops are opening to cater to new generations of river surfers such as the Strongwater Shop in Missoula, Montana, which is the de facto center for the sport in the US. The shop sells and rents boards and wetsuits.

One of the advantages of river surfing is never having to think about shark attacks!

The following video shows Germans surfing the Eisbach River in Munich.

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