New Bookmark Light Transmits Electricity Through a Lithium Coin Battery

By: | June 8th, 2016

kouichi okamoto

Kouichi Okamoto’s ‘bookmark light’, developed with the help of the University of Tokyo’s Business Venture Agic Inc., is a unique take on the traditional bookmark.

You can turn the bookmark light on and off by simply pressing a button on the thin device, thanks to conductive ink to transfer electricity by way of a lithium coin battery.

As one could probably infer from the name bookmark light, the gadget can work as either a reading/night light, or obviously a placeholder in a book.

The device’s clear display highlights the technology behind it, which includes a grid that features nano-size silver particles between a layer of film that forms the liquid crystal.

For some, this might be a bit much for a simple bookmark, but it definitely looks neat.

However, I would argue this product was invented for a shrinking market seeing as how more and more people are doing their reading on electronic devices these days.

kouichi okamoto

kouichi okamoto

kouichi okamoto

kouichi okamoto

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