Global Fire Power (GFP) Measuring Military Capabilities by Country

By: | January 18th, 2013

A measurement called “GFP or “Global Fire Power” measures and compares the relative strength of a country’s overall military capability (excluding nuclear capability).  The top ten in order of size are: US, Russia, China, India, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy and Brazil.

GFP looks at manpower (ie: total population, fit for service), land systems (ie: tanks, artillery pieces, vehicles), air power (ie: total aircraft, serviceable airports), naval power(ie: total ships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, mine capability), natural resources (oil production and reserves), logistics (ie: labor force, roadways and railways), financial (ie: annual defense budget, debt, reserves in foreign exchange and gold), georgraphic (land area, coastline), and power of the region where a country is located.

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