This Floating UFO Home Allows You Off-Grid Ocean Living

By: | May 27th, 2016

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

If you love to spend your leisure time looking at the water or always dream about living in the water, Italian mini-yacht manufacturer Jet Capsule has a surprise for you to fulfill your dreams.

The company has come up with a creative concept for a saucer-shaped UFO, or ‘Unidentified Floating Object’, which offers a completely off-grid existence floating on the sea.

As per the company’s co-founders, Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, the floating UFO home is intended for “living in a floating house and moving slowly around the world.”

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

Here are some of its special features:

  • Energy is generated from 40 square meters (430 square feet) of solar panels, which are located in the closeable space at the top of the roof for protection during a storm. Moreover, wind and water turbines could also be added, which would generate enough power for household operations and the motor on cloudy days.
  • As per Jet Capsule, this UFO is “unsinkable.” Furthermore, “The main structure of the floating object can be aligned with a compass, keeping the position angle oriented on the desired cardinal direction, even in rough sea conditions.”
  • Drinking water is made available by solar-powered desalination and a system that purifies rainwater.
  • Food comes from the vegetable garden that encircles the structure and measures 12.5 m (41 ft) in diameter.
  • The lower level of the UFO is submerged in the water and has a viewing window to enjoy the underwater world.

If you are planning to buy this floating UFO home, then you have to wait as it is still a concept. At present, the company is seeking investors to build the first working prototype, at an estimated cost of $800,000 USD. However, the company is hopeful that the UFO’s price will eventually come down to $200,000 USD.

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

Image courtesy Jet Capsule

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